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Why Use Sabda Mala

Some people tell me they can teach their kids on their own. This is a great idea. However, is this a reality? In actuality most are simply not doing it. They lack the time, the energy and most importantly, the materials. Sabda Mala solves all these problems.

I also know some people who have sent their kids to Nepali school on the weekends. This is fantastic. It is a great start. However, today’s children are computer savvy. They use Wikipedia as opposed to the Encyclopedia! We must meet our children where they are. Sabda Mala is designed for this generation.

What Parents Say

"Thank you very much for the program. Its a great opportunity for kids to learn Nepali! Our son was really very very happy to do it and you are a great teacher!!" - ,

Bhubanesh, Father of a 7 year old in CA, USA