Read and Write in Nepali

Who is this lesson for?

Age Range

  • 8 to 13 year olds are best suited for the lessons from Sabda Mala
  • 5 - 7 year olds can also go through lessons but will need strong parental involvement
  • Older teenagers and adults are welcome and will certainly learn, most likely at a faster pace

Nepali Language Ability

  • Kids who are fluent in Nepali and have had some exposure to reading and writing
  • Kids who only understand Nepali and have had little exposure to reading writing
  • Kids who do not understand or speak Nepali and have no background in reading and writing it

Usage Level

  • Kids who are just getting started and want to become familiar with the alphabet
  • Kids who are ready to become 100% fluent in reading and writing

The lessons are English-based, interactive and come with homework assignments. In other words, they are designed so that your child can thoroughly read and write the alphabet within 20 weeks.


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