Read and Write in Nepali

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  • Lessons which will help you teach your child to read and write Nepali. These lessons will:
    • Teach two new Nepali letters every lesson.:
    • Include examples of words that begin with each letter.
    • Have explanations of the exact sound of each letter.
    • Include a quick review of the previous lesson.
  • Sign up to learn Nepali reading and writingA comprehensive homework assignment that includes:
    • A tracing sheet for each letter
    • Questions to help solidify the learning
    • A review section
    • Bonus questions for the super-motivated students
  • Reasons to learn to read and write Nepali.
    • To keep the student motivated.
    • To stimulate them to thinking more deeply about their understanding of the Nepali language
  • Interesting and unique facts about Nepal.
    • Enhance their learning experience
    • Encourage them in their cultural identity
    • Strengthen their knowledge-base
  • Access to SIX free online teaching video!

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