Read and Write in Nepali

Why is teaching our kids to read and write in Nepali important?

  • Imagine your 10-year-old son writing a letter to his grandparents in Nepal.
  • Think of your 12-year-old daughter writing a poem in her mother tongue Nepali.
  • Imagine also your son or daugther reading poems, letters and essays from Nepal.
  • See your child visiting Nepal with a new confidence because he is able to read signs, menus, magazines and candy-wrappers!
  • Imagine your children when they are grown. Visualize them with a deep connection to Nepal because they thoroughly understand the Nepali culture and the language.

How about our children reading history books written by great Nepali authors? Or simply being able to read news in Nepali online? The list of reasons to teach your kids to read and write in Nepali goes on and on.

Accomplishing all of these goals would certainly be very satisfying indeed - to know that our Nepali culture and heritage have been completely passed on to the next generation.

Simply being able to speak Nepali is not enough. So much of our history and culture is transmitted through the written language. Imagine your kids reading poetry by Laxmi Prasad Devkota or reading the lyrics to Narayan Gopal songs. It's hard to explain the value of this simply by talking to them about these poets and singers. Enjoying these things first hand because of the ability to read is giving them the opportunity to fall in love with their heritage.


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