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Don't forget to watch the Introduction Video (Lesson 1)

2 Lesson 1
3 Lesson 2 Hw 3
4 Lesson 3 Hw 4
5 Lesson 4 Hw 5
6 Lesson 5 Hw 6
7 Lesson 6 Hw 7
8 Lesson 7 Hw 8
9 Lesson 8 Hw 9
10 Lesson 9 Hw 10
11 Lesson 10 Hw 11
12 Lesson 11 Hw 12
13 Lesson 12 Hw 13
14 Hw 14
15 Hw 15
16 Hw 16
17 Hw 17
18 Hw 18
19 Hw 19
20 Hw 20
21 Hw 21

Download Lined Paper

Welcome to Sabda Mala. A place to learn basic Nepali reading and writing!

We are so glad you have decided to use the Sabda Mala videos to learn to read and write in Nepali. We believe that this will be an extremely positive educational experience for you. And you will also have lots of fun as you go along!

Before getting started please review the information on this page thoroughly. It is recommended that the parent and student review this page together. This is an important starting point and we want to make sure you have a strong start!


Use the navigation bar on the left to go through the videos. Please start by watching the introduction video and simply go down the list. In order to help you stay on course we have created tracks. Simply go the tracks page and download the appropriate one. Instructions are provided for your convenience.

Click on the Nepali letters under the "Lesson" column on the left to access the lesson page for those letters. Click the appropriate link under the "HW" column to access the homework assignments. Please be aware that not all lessons and homework assignments are immediately available under this free trial.

You can watch the video lesson if there is a symbol. You will need to purchase Sabda Mala in order to access videos with this symbol .

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Note to Parents

Before starting the video lessons please visit the tracks page to make sure you have selected the right pace in which to complete the videos. It is very important that you sit down with the child and agree to a pace that will be comfortable for him or her. Before moving on to the next video, he or she should have a solid grasp of the material to that point. This means that your child will also have completed the homework assignment to your liking. Once you have a good understanding of the best pace for your child, choose a track. You can print off the track of choice and enter the dates of completion in the track sheet to keep a good record of your child's progress.

We want to remind parents that it is of critical importance that the homework assignments are reviewed. We also suggest that you assign a grade to the homework. You can enter this on the track page where you are keeping record of your child's progress.

Finally, the videos are intended for a school-aged audience ranging between the ages of 8-13. However, this does not mean your child who is younger or older could not benefit from the videos. If your child is on the younger side of this age range, he or she will likely need some additional supervision and assistance with the homework assignments. If your child is older, he or she may want to move along at a faster pace.

Note to Students:

  • Download lined paper to write and follow along as you watch the video.
  • Remember to download the homework for each lesson after you have watched the video. Complete all sections of the assignment and show your parents your work. Ask them to assign a grade to your homework so you can keep track of your progress. Finally, be sure to check the lesson on the track page that you completed, mark down the date and enter the grade you received.
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